Supplier of catalysts

Used in the purification of gases.

Supplier of catalysts

Wide range of applications.

Catalysts Applications List

1. Industrial gas companies

Purification of H2 gases
Purification of N2 gases
Purification of Argon gases
Purification of O2 gases
Purification of He, Ne gases
Purification of Air

2. H2 Gas manufacturers

Electrolyser manufacturers
Purification of H2 and O2 gases to ppm levels
Steam reformer manufacturers
Chlor-alkali maufacturers

3. PSA Nitrogen / Membrane gas generator manufacturers

Removal of O2 in N2 to ppm levels

4. Float glass manufacturers

Protective atmospheres are required in the manufacture of float glass

5. Oil rigs

Deaereation of seawater (Minox Process)

6. Metallurgical companies

Manufacture of tungsten powders
Manufacture of special steels
Manufacture of special wires/cables
Purification of furnace gases - H2 , N2 and coke oven gases

7. Chemical / Petrochemical / Pharmaceutical companies

Purification of H2 gases

8. Synthetic fibre manufacturers

Purification of N2 gas used in nylon chip manufacture

9. Anaerobic workstations

Purification of N2

10. Power Stations

Removal of CO in AGR reactors
Purification of H2 used in alternator cooling

11. Mine refuges / Submarines

Removal of CO from air

12. Electronic companies

Manufacture of integrated circuits
Transistor manufacturers