Supplier of catalysts

Used in the purification of gases.

Supplier of catalysts

Wide range of applications.

Product Range

Products Applications
Precious metal catalysts for purification of gases

Deoxidiser vessels filled with catalyst

Manual or automatic Hydrogen (H2) addition systems

High pressure Hydrogen (H2) puridryers
Industrial gas companies

Electrolyser manufacturers

Float glass manufactureres

Heat treatment furnaces

Blanketing atmospheres

Refinery feed gas

Nitrogen (N2) psa/membrane purification

Nuclear industry
Carbon supported catalystsChemical / Pharmaceutical manufacturers
Catalysts for removal of organic compounds (VOC's)Air purification
Precious metal salts & solutionsLaboratories / Electroplaters
- Catalytic feasibility studies

- Activity testing of catalyst

- Supply reactor design data

- Developing new catalysts / catalysts applications